Practical Moving Tips

With the practical moving tips of you can move your household effects quickly and safely. Check out the moving tips below.

Prepared for your move

• Make an appointment at• Terminate the rent of an old house / offer an old house for sale
• Arrange a mortgage
• Request a telephone/new telephone and internet move from KPN, Ziggo or Tele2
• Report the move to your energy supplier
• Notify school
• Make agreements about taking over floor coverings and the like with previous and future residents
• Inquire about the possibilities of rent subsidy: Belastingdienst
• Arrange moving leave with your employer
• Inquire about possible reimbursement of moving costs
• Inquire about tax deduction options for moving expenses
• Take measurements of the new house
• Start cleaning up and throwing away everything you don't take with you to your new home
To another municipality?
• Apply for a residence permit from the municipality
• Purchase a city guide and map
Inquire about:
• Schools
• Associations
• Kindergarten
• Family care
• Social work
• Consultation agency
• Public transport
• Garbage collection system
• Dog tax
• Municipal regulations

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