The best move ever

What to expect from moving companies If you’ve never hired a moving company before, you may be wondering what to expect. Learning what the movers will handle and what you will have to do is very important. With that in mind, we’ve put together this simple introduction that will explain what to expect when working

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Preparing children for the move

How do you prepare your children for a long-distance move? Preparing for a move can be not only exhausting but also stressful. You need to start planning in advance, make a checklist, find a mover, etc. However, it’s not just the adults who get stressed— this can also be a traumatic experience for our children.

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How do I prepare my fridge for the move?

1. Empty the refrigerator This may seem obvious, but first you need to remove everything from the refrigerator. A week or so before you plan to move, start eating all the chilled foods you don’t necessarily want to take with you. Don’t forget to find storage space for all the things you can’t reach, either

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Reduce waste when packing and moving

1. Donate or recycle what you don’t need Before you start packing, go through your clothes, utensils, and furniture and make piles or collections of what you no longer need. Look for services like OfferUp and Facebook Marketplace that allow you to sell furniture or household items locally. Another option? Give them away. I had

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10 things to do when moving into your new home

There is a lot involved in a move to a new home. And while we often think that packing and unpacking are the only important things that get in the way of fully integrating, it’s actually the things you do after you’ve moved into a new home that make the biggest difference. Getting associated with

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How to pack books when moving house

Our top tips for moving your personal library to avoid damaged covers, creases and cracks in your precious titles. Our bookcases tell a story, from photography hardcovers and textbooks to old classics of family members hanging together with adhesive tape. You don’t have to be a book collector to have amassed a collection of inspiring

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