Corona virus

Precautionary measures:

Don't shake hands.

Running water

Please air the house 30 min before arrival

We are moving through during the lockdown!

We currently work throughout the Netherlands.
Please note that in case of complaints we may be forced to move the assignment if necessary!

Update: 19-12-2021

Your move
The Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the measures that the government has put in place for it, have far-reaching consequences for people and for society. We can imagine that you may be wondering what about your move, because you do not always have a choice. Not infrequently, the move is necessary. That is why we are happy to provide you with clear information.

We move through
Verhuisgoedkoop (HLS Group BV) still carries out removals and are happy to help you, where possible within the guidelines of the RIVM and the advice and rules of the government. So if you want to move, you can request a moving quote (also to be ahead of any crowds when this period of measures is over). will then be happy to help you on your way to a safe, fast and good move.

Planned relocations
The use of Verhuisgoedkoop to carry out your move as agreed with you do have some guidelines given the current situation around the Coronavirus, some points of attention are important, because the safety for our customers and employees are paramount.

Hygiene guidelines RIVM
In connection with the Coronavirus, we follow the hygiene guidelines of the RIVM to protect customers and employees. We ask you to follow these guidelines as well:
1. Wash hands regularly with soap and water.
2. Cough and sneeze into the inside of the elbow.
3. Use of paper tissues.
4. No shaking hands (no matter how much we respect you as our customer).
5. Keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from other people (no matter how much we respect you as our customer.
6. No gathering of more than 3 people.
On the rivm website you will find more information about the coronavirus and the RIVM guidelines.

Max. 4 persons and min. Keep a distance of 1.5 m

The government urgently advises everyone to keep a distance of 1.5 meters from each other and not to have more than 4 people in one place together. We therefore ask you to have as few people from your household as possible present at one location on the moving day and to keep at least 1.5 meters away (families and children are excluded from this).

Use of tools
Depending on your situation, your mover can decide in joint consultation with you to use additional tools, which are necessary to carry out your move in time within the rules. Fees may apply. We rely on your understanding. Our movers have all the equipment imaginable at their disposal to ensure that removals run safely and smoothly and are happy to offer you a suitable solution.

Presence of sick persons
In order to guarantee a smooth move, we would like to hear from you at the latest before the start of the move whether there are people present during the move who are ill (Art. 8 second paragraph avvv), in the sense of fever in combination with respiratory complaints. Please mail or call us directly if applicable.

Postpone relocation
In case of illness in the sense of fever in combination with respiratory complaints, it can also be decided in joint consultation to postpone your move. In that case, the Approved Mover will make further agreements with you about this, such as a new moving date and any compensation (Art. 12 GTC). We realize that this may cause a problem with goods that need to be removed from the loading address. Our company has excellent storage facilities to store your goods dry and safely and are happy to offer you a suitable solution.

Cancelling a move
If you decide to cancel the agreed move, you will owe compensation based on the moving price to the following percentage (Art. 13 GTC):

More than 30 days before the move: 15 percent
14-30 days before the move: 50 percent
7-14 days before the move: 75 percent
Less than 7 days before the move: 100 percent

Hustle and
bustle ahead of his
Because of the urgent advice to stay at home, many people are at home. This is good to slow down the spread of the virus as much as possible. If the measures are eased or lifted in the future, this could lead to an influx of people who at the same time want to arrange all kinds of postponed matters. This can cause delays and waiting time. You can be ahead of this by having your moving date recorded in time.

Follow the news
We try to keep this page up to date, but the circumstances may change quickly due to the Coronavirus. Please follow the notices on and (that information is always up-to-date and leading in relation to the information on this page)

We wish you a lot of strength and health in these exceptional times.
Our experienced and highly motivated moving teams are also ready for you to take care of a perfect move for you and to unburden you as much as possible.

Stay Safe

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