Emergency relocation

Do you have to leave and move out of your current home within a short time? At we understand your situation, and we want to help you move out of your current home within a short time!

You must leave and move out of your home within a very short period of time. This brings a lot of stress and worries, and also requires a lot of attention. You can better put this attention into finding a new home, but because a move requires a big job that will take all your time and effort. Fortunately, there is a suitable solution for your situation: the emergency relocation service of can help you to move out of your current home within a short time.

The reason to hire a moving company for this is simple: so much can be overlooked, or so much can go wrong when there is urgency behind it. That is why the insight of a 3rd party is a solution in any emergency relocation situation, and offers you a solution to save a lot of effort and time. For this you also need professional movers, moving vans and possibly even a moving lift to get your furniture and white goods from a raised floor. has put the resources at your disposal!

About our moving vans

With the moving vans from, we can help you transport all your large and heavy furniture and items to your desired location within a short time during your emergency move. Our moving vans are available in different sizes and with this you also have the choice between with and without tail lift.

We also have all the necessary material to secure your furniture within the moving van. This way they do not suffer unnecessary damage along the way, and you can be sure that the entire move will go smoothly and effortlessly.

About our moving lifts

You also have the possibility to use our moving lifts at disposal. We are happy to install this by appointment at your chosen time and location, and it will be operated for you by an experienced operator of moving lift. Of course you can also rent and install a moving lift yourself, but we strongly advise against this.

During the installation, without an expert present, many small mistakes can be made that can result and serious damage. We would like to prevent your precious furniture from falling from the 8th floor! That is why we take over the entire process from you, so that you can be sure that the entire relocation of your furniture from a raised floor will go smoothly.

Why you choose

At we understand how much time and effort goes into moving or moving furniture, white goods and other items. That is why we have developed all our services around the idea that we want your move to run as smoothly and effortlessly as possible. That is why you can easily request a quotevia our website, and we will be at your designated time and location within a short time with your requested movers, moving buses and moving lift at your designated time and location!

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