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Moving expats

Are you going to emigrate soon? It is important for expats that the move is arranged properly and quickly.
An international move is of course not nothing and it is very nice when you as an expat can quickly get used to your new living environment abroad. It is therefore important to provide yourself with good moving advice and moving tips before you go abroad.
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You will receive a free and non-binding moving quote. On this page you can read more about what you should think about when you emigrate. Did you know that a certain work expenses scheme is possible for an expatriate? In addition, you can also read more about the costs of an international move and you will receive advice!

Moving costs expats

If you are going to move internationally, there is more to this than if you are going to move within the Netherlands. Moving abroad often means that the expat’s belongings are transported over a long distance. The moving costs are mainly determined by the distances, as well as the number of m3 needed to move all your belongings.

Are you moving to a hard-to-reach location? This can affect the price, as well as the expenses for an interim storage in the Netherlands and any insurance for, for example, damage during the move. Would you like to contact a moving company that can arrange it all for you?
free and non-binding quotes
and compare them on price and offer!

Extra territorial costs

In the Netherlands, there is a special work-related costs scheme for expats. The expats receive compensation for the extra costs of their stay abroad, also known as the extraterritorial costs. Expats have the choice of reimbursing the actual extraterritorial costs or applying the 30% ruling.

In the case of the work-related costs scheme for the reimbursement of extraterritorial costs, these expenses must be made plausible. The compensation per expatriate is therefore kept in the payroll administration of the company. With the 30% ruling, a maximum of 30% of the expat’s salary is given untaxed as a targeted exemption for the extraterritorial costs.

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Moving advice

There are many things that an expatriate should take into account. A moving advice can therefore come in handy. Is the international move temporary? Perhaps it is a wise decision to leave possessions in the Netherlands, in a storage room. Also check whether your electrical appliances can be used abroad. Collect important documents such as marriage certificates, birth registers and passports.

It is possible that these are requested from the embassy of the country of destination. Another moving advice is to also contact the embassy where you check if papers are needed such as a visa and perhaps vaccinations.

Arranging banking and insurance

It is important that your insurance and finances are in order when you move abroad. A moving advice is therefore to contact your bank to discuss a few things. Are you going to live abroad for more than half a year? It may be useful to open an account abroad.

If you decide to emigrate for a longer period of time, there are several risks that you must take into account such as damage, accidents and theft. It is therefore useful for expats to take out continuous travel insurance, as well as international health insurance. It is wise to arrange this kind of thing in the Netherlands.

Professional international relocation

Not every moving company has experience with the relocation of expats. An important moving advice is therefore to take this into account when choosing a company. A moving company helps you move your belongings, but they often also ensure that your household effects are insured during the international move.

Before you engage an international moving company, it is smart to compare multiple quotes. Pay attention to the extra expenses for hard-to-reach places, storage for your household effects and guarantees offered by the company. Request free and non-binding quotes and save up to 40% on costs!

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You understand that it is wise for expats to engage a professional moving company. If you request multiple quotes from different companies, you can compare the services and prices and possibly negotiate them. Save on moving costs?

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